Bringing big store features to small ecommerce

Amazon has changed truly changed everything about ecommerce. Consumers used to only comparison shop items between local & online for products over $100, and then it was $80, and then it was $50, and so on. With this trend towards online convenience, ecommerce has really upped its game, and savvy online shoppers have become accustomed to a high level of service. But wait, you’re not Amazon; how can you compete & deliver that same expected level of quality on your budget?

The Scope

Bringing ease and automation into ecommerce

So many great user-focused features go unnoticed on excellent websites. We joke at Wick Creative that the best compliment a client can give us–when we present a complex & innovative idea–is when they look at us and say “of course, that’s how it’s supposed to work, right?” When something is right, it’s just right.

When creating this store, our goal was to bring Amazon-sized features without an Amazon-sized budget. Spoiler Alert: we did it.

Planned Breadth
of Services

All Service Icons
  • Shopify ecommerce store
  • Campaign Monitor Drip Email Marketing
  • Loyalty System
  • POS integration
  • Product Subscriptions
We felt that Wick Creative truly understood our needs when they took on this project. We were impressed with their comprehensive, strategic approach to revamping our online store, and the ideas and creative work that came from that plan blew us away. They presented opportunities in the digital space we didn’t even think about, and as a result we’re selling 3 times the amount of product as we were before. Thanks guys! ~ Debbie Asarch, Director

The Process

Seamless feature integration

With this site we looked at the niceties that large sites deliver, the purchase path, and their experience after purchase. Here are some of the challenges we identified & how we solved them:

  • New customers can be intimidated by a new brand with many offerings. They know one of these is probably great for them, but how to know which one?
    – We created a short survey that asks you about your skin condition and ends by suggesting products that will most benefit your skin.

  • What if your customer buys and uses a product regularly? Shouldn’t they be able to just subscribe to that product? We believe so.
    – We added product subscriptions to each item, allowing users to subscribe to only the products they love.

  • Speaking of customers’ love, why not reward it? Physical stores have long rewarded repeat customers; your store should too.
    – We integrated the S Loyalty System. Shoppers receive points for each purchase which can be redeemed for free products.

  • Maybe you have a physical shop as well and are wondering how you can make these reward points universal?
    – Shopify, our preferred ecommerce platform, can also be used as a physical point of purchase solution, complete with barcode scanners, credit card machines, inventory management and much more. 

  • All ecommerce owners know customer social media support is extremely valuable. One person shares a product/idea with their friends, and then they share with their friends, and so on. How can we leverage this idea
    – We built social sharing right on the purchase page. If you share it to facebook, you save 10% right now. Who doesn’t want that?

  • One of our favorite features comes after the sale is done and the product is most likely used up:
    – The store has reorder reminders that go to customers at set times when the product has most likely been used completely. This ensures that customers stay in touch and continue to order product.

Wick’s talents helped us revise our entire web site and marketing materials. They are extremely creative and always attentive to our needs whenever we have needed their services. They take each challenge as an opportunity to come up with the most creative solutions to promote and advertise our product, targeting each niche market. ~ Richard Asarch, M.D., Founder

The Results

Show me the money!

The true yard stick: did it increase sales? We’re happy to report that yes, yes it did. They are now selling almost 3x the product each month than before they had us build their new store. These stats come from the new site only being live for about 3 months, so the growth potential is huge and the ceiling is probably yet to be met.

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