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It’s a tale as old as time (true as it can be). You are hard at work making magic happen for your clients, and meanwhile it seems like a ghost town on their end. If you are like Wick Creative and work with many clients on retainer agreements, this disconnect can even feel more prevalent, as your entire month of work is defined & ready. The world of project management solutions is great, but does anything really beat a good ol' fashioned email to let your clients know where their projects are at?

The Scope

Let’s keep in touch.

Keeping a solid line of communication open is a difficult process to manage for companies of all sizes. We want to stay as productive as possible and hit all our deadlines, but not miss a step with our clients. Siemens came to us with a desire to solve this age old problem. Clients enjoy update emails–especially for questions like:

  • How many hours have I used?
  • How are my projects coming along?
  • Who’s working on my account & how do I call them?
  • When are we starting the next project?

As many organizations do,Wick keeps information in the most appropriate system for managing our team and not necessarily in a system for managing our clients. So we needed to build a flexible, brand adherent system to make client updates quick and easy. This needed to be accessible by many different teams with their own lists and detailed reporting.

Planned Breadth
of Services

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  • Custom Designed Email Marketing Platform
  • Custom Reporting between Email & Analytics

The Process

Make the complex simple.

We began with in-depth meetings with each team to discover the process they used to manage their clients’ details and find out what information they’d want to deliver to each client. As with many organizations, different teams needed different options. With Campaign Monitor’s flexible template system, we were able to build all the options into one easy-to-use template.

Some additional features we’re proud of are:

  • Built-in auto synching blog articles
  • Auto customer rep routing
  • Built-in drip reminders for unopened emails
  • Integrated re-bid system
  • Team manager views for overseeing all email accounts & reports.

We have been working with Wick Creative for many years now, and truly look to them as an extension of our business. We couldn’t ask for a better business partner. ~Payman Farrokhyar, Rocky Mountain Area Manager

The Results

Innovations that impressed a company of innovators

Sometimes you get easy wins, and sometimes you don’t. Wick prides itself on diving into projects where only the best will do. Working with Siemens is great–this an innovative, smart set of people we had to impress, so we had to bring our A-game. Our innovative client management email system was featured at Siemens’ national summit & contributed to the region winning many awards.

What do clients like? Both personalized service & efficient work. Our forward-thinking solution stopped the need to focus on one or the other. I know the saying is “Happy wife, happy life,” but maybe it should be “Happy clients, happier wife, very happy life.”

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