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Wick is a talented group of problem solvers.

We use our experience & passion to make smart Shopify decisions for your digital marketing needs.

Crafting Smart Online Experiences since 2008.

Now days you can find many groups to help you make something look pretty online, and that's great. But making something that truly pushes sales and creates memorable and unique shopping experiences is not so common.

At Wick we focus on leveraging real-time data and enterprise level tools to bring unrivaled Shopify sites to companies of all sizes. We are Shopify focused designers and developer building sites every day all year. Have  a problem, yo we'll solve it.

No Handcuffs

At Wick we believe very strongly that every relationship should be one where both parties are excited to work with each other. Weird right? Unfortunately it is very common in our industry for agencies to "handcuff" clients into paying them monthly or they'll take away or take back assets / rankings.

Wick has a strict no "handcuffs" policy & we'll work hard to make sure that you always love & look forward to working with us!

100% Transparency

At every point in a project we strive for 100% transparency. What does this mean? Well here's some of the ways we'll work to always be 100% transparent.

  • All project costs based on actual hours. Curious about the costs? Just ask. We put our prices right on our website, so there is no confusion or misunderstandings.
  • We build a dashboard with real-time stats from all your most important sources, so you can see exactly how well your project is going any time of day.
  • Just need some advice on how best to spend your marketing dollars? Just ask, we will never try to sell you anything you don't need. We strive to be your most valuable partner.

Made by Hand, In-house.

It's somewhat sad how much this gets asked anymore. I guess we feel if you hire someone you shouldn't have to be afraid that that person might not actually do any of the work. We do all our work in-house here at Wick, need to talk to the designer or developer on your project? Just call and we'll huddle up and figure out whatever you're thinking.

I know we're old school here, but we like to come into work everyday, do what we love for good people and then go play outside. (repeat)

We run our own Shopify store as well.

We put our money where our mouth is & are actively selling products internationally as well. It's always weird when a chef doesn't eat his own food right? That is definitely not the case here at Wick, we are knee deep in international commerce ourselves so you know we're right there with you.

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