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Theme Customization

Migrated from Magento with 1,000s of skus and launched in less than 4 weeks.

"I highly recommend Wick. They built me an amazing website. They are creative, organized, and nice to work with. Michael really made sure all of my needs and concerns were addressed and taken care of. Wick Creative took the time to learn what my company was about, so they could seamlessly bring my branding onto the web. If you want an amazing website and excellent customer service, use Wick Creative."

Brand new shop with heavy product customization built into the experience.

Site migration with a fully native Shopify Popcorn Tin builder built in!

Complex Multi-point shipping service built all natively within Shopify.

Skin Care line with Recharge Subscription Integration.

Interactive belt builder. Built and launched in 2 weeks.

Site migrated, setup and built within 3 weeks.

Site Migration from Magento & Setup on Shopify.