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Award Winning Shopify Design and Development

"Wick Creative is made up of a team intelligent problem solvers. In my first meeting with Wick, I could tell that they were the type of Plus Partner that could help drive us to the next level online. Not only were they receptive to ideas and feedback but they brought ideas to the table that helped stretch what we thought was possible. Their level of communication throughout the whole process has helped me to rest easy in my first 2 months on the job at a new company. These are the types of guys that you want working on your business -- they care about it just as much as you do. Not only that but they are the type of guys you'll go grab a beer with along the way."

"Scott and team were truly a pleasure to work with. Not only did they build us a beautiful & efficient site (including backend integration), they beat the timeline by weeks. Truly a great team."

"Excellence and more! Patient, helpful, flexible, amazing skill set, amazing team delivering the highest standards, leaders in their field, great design both visually and in usability for both the consumer and the merchant/website owner. Could go on and on with superlatives. Simply a great experience and outcome, delivering the highest standards across the board. If you are looking for a team/company to elevate what you do/what you want to do, to the next level, I strongly recommend choosing WICK."

"We love working with Wick... they are quick to respond, structured in their account management, supply great insight into how to improve our ecommerce, and have very quick turn time on agreed upon projects. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for Shopify pros."

"Wick Creative was able to conceptualize, design and develop our new Hanwag Boot website in an impressively short amount of time. We needed a site that could be easily changed and updated by anyone, and they were able to deliver that for us."

"I’ve worked with the WICK team for the past five years and I can say every single project has been an absolute pleasure. There’s a reason why I keep coming back for more: WICK has the secret recipe for helping its clients raise the bar in the digital world. WICK uses their skills and partnership to build better sites for their clients. I am thrilled with the control I have to change my story on the web anytime I wish. Can’t say enough about the value this team has brought to my online strategy!"

"The guys at Wick were great to work with and delivered us exactly what we requested – an updated, clean website that was easy to use, easy to shop and easy to manage. Every request was dealt with in a timely manner. They were professional and courteous. Can't thank them enough!"

We are very happy with the development that the Wick team has done for us. The additions are easy to use and understand.