If you use Shopify you need to checkout Cashier by Bold Commerce right now.

Game changing features for your checkout process!

Wick does have access, so let us know if you'd like us to help you get Bold Cashier up and running on your store today!

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Here's a feature list.

Stored Accounts

Let your customers save one, or many credit cards tied to their Shopify account and quickly select them in the future for faster checkout.


Loyalties Integration

Customers can redeem loyalty points in checkout alone, or alongside a credit card, *just like a currency*. No coupon codes required! (Requires Loyalty Points app)



Enhanced Shipping

Use our live integration with carriers, so you don't even need to have an account! Pad shipping by a percentage or dollar amount to make more money, and product specific shipping.



Tweet for Discount

Let your customers tweet a link to their exact order right in the checkout for an instant discount and watch your store go viral! No coupon required.



Multi-Currency Billing

Your customers can select different currencies to shop in, and then actually be billed in them when they checkout!




Payment Capture on Shipment

Setting to authorize credit card and then auto-capture payment when the order status is changed to "shipped". This is mandatory for larger and public companies.



Staff Order Creation

Create orders for your customers inside your admin, and send them a payment link, or complete the order for them!




Timed Payments

The classic "5 Easy Payments of $49.99" deal. Make it easier for customers to buy your higher priced items by making payments over time.



Upsell After Checkout

The ultimate way to offer upsells! Customers complete a purchase, then right before the thank you page are offered a last second offer for a deal they can't pass up. They click "Accept" and it's added to the order. No need to re-enter credit card, or shipping info.




Accept pre-orders that don't charge the customers credit card, store all the information, and then with a click charge all and create the orders when you're ready to ship!



Split Payments

Multi-card payments let customers split the payment for one order on multiple credit cards. A proven way to increase conversion on higher priced items.



Friend Buy

Share an order payment with a friend! Great for people that buy together, roommates, or when you're buying a gift together! Everyone makes their payment, and when it's complete, it ships.