Code Robot

Welcome to Wick Creative's Code Robot.

Options not shown, like product limiters, collection limiters, customer limiters, start date, end date, etc will be available for you to edit in your shopify admin after the codes are created.
All the details you select (other than the number of codes and prefix) will be editable in your admin after code creation in a bulk / price rule format.

code builder
This can be found at the top of your private app. Make sure your private app has "Price rules read_price_rules, write_price_rules" set to read and write in your advanced section.
This wont be part of the code, just the grouping title in your admin
We'll email you when the codes are created.
More codes take more time, please be patient. Minimum codes created are now 100, no top limit (within reason).
please no spaces or non standard characters
Only put in the number
Only put one ID in, you can add more later in shopify